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Bank Account Information

Bank Syariah Mandiri 0290006655
BRI Syariah 311600205
BCA 0113131052
Bank Muamalat 7110001515
Bank Mandiri 1440005675001
BNI Syariah 125844909
Bank Niaga Syariah 5250100034004
Bank Bukopin Syariah 8800231036
BTN Syariah 7031000935
Bank Permata Syariah 2901453155

Office Address

Head Office

Gedung Fuyinto Lt.4
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No 28, Jakarta Selatan
Telp. (+6221) 7919-1272
Faks. (+6221) 7919-1272

Branch Office

Jl. Bogowonto 45 Surabaya
Telp. (+6231) 5621212
Faks. (+6231) 5681829

Perum Gadang Sakinah Permai
Jl. Gadang Gg 21 C Malang
Telp. (+62341) 807807
Faks. (+62341) 807807

Jl. Dr Wahidin 59 Sentul Kepanjen Kidul, Blitar
Tlp (+62342)7718006

Jl. Pulau Sumatra No 62 C Denpasar-Bali
Telp. (+62361) 788-0885/224-763
Faks. (+62361) 224-763

Ruko New Zamrud B-3 Jl. AP. Pettarani Makassar
Telp. (+62411) 466-2448
Faks. (+62411) 466-2448

Jl. Utama/Nenas 15, Pekanbaru-Riau
Telp. (+62761) 21055
Faks. (+62761) 21055

History Highlights

A group of students from Agriculture Faculty of Brawijaya University actively involved in poverty alleviation programs in South Malang, East Java.
The group initiated a non-profit organization to collect charity funds for empowerment-based programs in rural areas.
The group managed the university’s Islamic Charitable Donations Organization, which was the first among state universities in Indonesia, and ran empowerment programs in community groups around the campus area. 
Several student alumni from the donation organization established Lagzis on September 9, to continue the empowerment programs, which are funded with various forms of Islamic charity and alms such as zakat, infaq and shodaqoh.
Lagzis expanded empowerment programs to Pasuruan, Blitar, Tulungagung, Trenggalek, Ponorogo, Madiun and Kediri.
Lagzis existed in Banyuwangi and Bali.    
Lagzis existed in Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Makassar
Lagzis existed in Jakarta and Pekanbaru
2009- now            
Lagzis has entered the new era, in which it focuses to serve community groups by developing their skills and competences. Lagzis has become a group that focuses itself in empowerment programs.

Struktur & Organisasi

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Vision and Mission

Becoming a leading non-profit organization in community empowerment


  1. to enhance empowerment and independence of marginalized communities.
    1. to build institutions and social independence among community groups.
    2. to improve skills and individual competitiveness of marginalized groups.
    3. to provide access  to natural resources and skills to assure sustainability.
  2. to promote public philanthropy  
    1. to promote philanthropy.
    2. to campaign for charity that aims to empower marginalized groups.
    3. to promote prudent management and optimize utilization of alms and charity

Live Support

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LAGZIS on Social Media

  • Facebook Page: 115451451231
  • Twitter: lagzispeduli
  • YouTube: lagzispeduli
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